Sunday, 29 November 2009

Aussie Comp. My entry

This is a Comp entry for Cupcakes and Cherries! The entry detail's are here.

The story is based upon Aussie, the Hair range.

Depressing England

Janie Never liked travelling. In fact she hated it, but when her dad decided to move back to his home in Australia she had no option. “What’s the big deal anyway?” asked Janie, while combing through her matted hair, that had just suffered a beating by the rain. Janie has long gorgeous blonde hair, although you never get to see the beauty of it, it’s always ruined by the typical English weather. “I don’t see why we have to move to Australia, I have friends here, I like my school, and I just don’t see the point.” Janie’s dad looked at her while she battled with her hair brush. “Australia is beautiful, I feel that it’s time for us to move on and I just-“He paused while looking out the car window. “Well there’s nothing left for us here anymore.” There was an awkward silence for a minute. Janie’s dad hasn’t had much with the ladies, ever since her mum dying when she was little, his had numerous girlfriends, but they never ever worked out, due to that fact he couldn’t move on. England reminded him too much of Janies mum but he didn’t want to admit it. Janie tried to break the silence “well I guess moving to Australia would be good for one thing, as its winter here it’ll be summer over there, which means no more wrecked hair!” they both laughed and drove home.

The beach Life
Two weeks later Janie and her Dad are sat on their balcony in Australia which over looks the most gorgeous beach, sun hitting their faces, cool drink in hand. “Yeah I suppose so” said Jeanie, “ I suppose I could get used to this!”

Later Janie headed down the beach. She stood on the golden sand which was almost as golden has her beautiful hair, she took in the beautiful aussie scenery.The waves crashed against the rocks, sun glistening on the water. This is the life! She thought. Bondi beach was the most beautiful beach. She watched the surfers hitting the waves, and spotted the cute guy who she saw the first day she arrived. She sat down on the sand and read her magazine. She comes across an advert for a shampoo and conditioner, Aussie. She saw this In England, but never thought of purchasing it. Janie never used anything else other than her favourite shampoo and conditioner. That she’s used for years! But now she’s in oz, and they don’t sell it, she’s looking for something new. A few minutes later the cute guy walks towards her smiling.. “hey” he says sitting next to her. “heya...” Janie replies nervously. “I saw you looking at me and my friends earlier, are you interested in suffering or are you interested in me?” he gives a cheeky smile.. Janie likes goes for guys to be this forward. No honestly she does! His cute too she thought. “um....” she says looking down to her magazine blankly. “im brody” he says putting out this hand for her to shake, “im Janie” she replies giving her hand. “You’re not from around here are you?” “ No I’m from England, I’ve moved here with my dad. He grew up here.” they continue to chat the afternoon away..

The Aussie Life..
Brody asked Janie on a date. Janie popped into the local shops to find the aussie shampoo and conditioner, I need my hair to be perfect, maybe this aussie luck will help? She thought to herself. She came across the products, and decided to go with the luscious long range. Hoping she’ll get her beautiful long luscious locks back to life.

That Night she groomed her hair with the aussie products, ready for the date. She was amazed..At how wonderful her hair looked....aussie certainly brought her hair back to life, and in actual fact Australia bought her life back!

Brody knocked on the door, Janie wearing a cute navy dress, and even cuter bow in her hair, opened the door..”Hey” she said with a huge smile. “hey, you looking amazing. & wow Jeanie your hair is gorgeous... how did I not notice how beautiful it was at the beach?” Janie laughed. “Put it this way, it needed some tlc and some Aussie in its life” they smiled and walked to his car.

Theeee End!

Wow, that was maybe too long. But I enjoyed writing it anyway!


Daisy said...

Great idea to post it on your blog! Love the image too- would love to visit Australia!x

Lauren ♥ said...

Id love to visit austraila!
its so beautiful xx

Lu said...

Well done hun, that was really good! Really enjoyed reading yours and daisy's. Good luck to you both! x

Lauren ♥ said...

Daisy's is fantastic!
I forgot how much I enjoy writing fiction.
Thank you :)

Lu said...

Hi chick, I finally got round to doing your tags/awards :O!

I awarded you a 'I love your blog' award too, not sure if you've already got in. xXx

Stephanie said...

This story is sooo kewl huni. Il have to take you Australia nxt time I go its totally amazing u'l love it. But I hated have a Hot Christmas London Christmas is the best!!!

tenxx said...

i'm pretty sure that picture is Bondi Beach in Sydney yes?
I live just behind it :)