Saturday, 14 November 2009

Secret Santa, Entry form.

Firstly, sorry it has taken so long to get this post up!
Ive been hella busy, & only finding the time to get on the comp in the evenings!
but here it is!
There's alot I need to mention so I hope I don't forget anything..

I have two lovelys helping me, Boo Jenkinson & Niki, click on there names to view there blogs.
If you have any questions about secret santa or need any help, feel free to message us.

There's a few simple rule's* you will have to agree with.
*When submitting your entry form you would have automatically agreed to these.*

Were going to make this as safe as possible as we all know you cannot trust the Internet,
yes I am talking about fakes!
So here are the rules:
1. You must send us a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the link to your blog.No picture no involvement what so ever.
2. Give us your full address to make sure your present reaches you!
3. Only take part if you are willing to send a gift, we do not want anyone not receiving!
4. Do not share your persons address to anyone else. Very important!
5. You MUST keep your person a secret, as that's the whole Idea, how ever you may want to put a little card inside the present to say who is from, but remember inside not outside the present, it needs to remain a secret till Christmas day!

6. The limit is £10 [UK currency] or if you are from the US $16.6 I think? Work it out :p... you may spend more but please do not expect more! The minimum spend is £5. (Does that makes sense? sorry its late! :] )
7. Please post the pressies off asap! with the UK postal strike we do not want the gifts arriving after Christmas.
8. If you are not able to send outside of the UK then let me know, il make sure your person is from the UK.
9. You must be a follower of mine, Boo jenkinsons, & nikis blog to take part.
10. Double check that your entry form is correct and complete, before sending it me.
11. All entries must be in before the deadline mentioned below
12. To prove you've read the rules Il ask you a secret question on the entry form,the secret answer is: Jingle all the way!
13. For safety reasons items should be left un opened, not used sealed etc..before sending.
14. Let me know by emailing me that you have received & sent your parcel so I can cross you off the list!
15. Keep a receipt of your postal order, its free, its just in case the parcel gets lost

Other information...

- The deadline for submitting your entry forms is the 2nd of December 2009.
- This is an international secret Santa so anyone can take part!
- Research! go on your persons blog and have a good old read up & find out there fave things; make up items, etc.
- remember only me, boo & Niki will be involved so do not give information to anyone else..
..and only we will see your entry form.
-I will message you after the deadline with your person's details.
-Please spread the word!! Tweet a message on twitter about this or pop a message on your blog, the more people joining in the better! :-)

I cannot think of anything else but once again if you have any questions or concerns comment me, or email mail me:
My email address:

So here is the entry form!
All form's should be sent to my email ^^^

Your Name:
Blogger name if different from above:
Your blog URL:
Your contact email address:
Have you attached the picture of you holding up the sign?:
Your Home address:
Secret question; Merry Christmas! Answer?:
Can you post outside the UK?


Thank you for reading this moosive post!


abbzzw said...

wont be taking a picture of myself today.. have a facial issue!! aha. so will do it in the next few days :D xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Ok abz! you have plenty of time! :) xx

XxxXbabybee said...

count me in i will take the picture soon and will email you xD great idea :)

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks hun! x

Lu said...

I'm also thinking about taking part. Sounds fun, I'll let you know. x

Anonymous said...

I wanted to follow Boo, but can't find her blog.

Lauren ♥ said...

I'm sure the link works?

Princess~Sparkles said...

I'd love to take part but don't like photos of myself :(

jenny said...

wow this sounds really fun! Just a query. I have an old blogger/blogspot account which I use for following blogs on here, however I prefer using my tumblr account for actually blogging. which account shall I submit, my tumblr? thankyou xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Both if thats ok jenny?
Il have a look at both, you only need to send me a picture with your blog add, tho! x

Paula said...

Yay i just entered the secret santa too :D

laurenrhiannon said...

I'll do it :)

I'll take a picture and fill everything in tomorrow though


Anonymous said...

Sorry hun, I totally forgot about the blog, luckily I rememberd in time, phewf! I sent the entry form to your email. Yay, I'm excited!

Lauren ♥ said...

Yay! Thank's Girlies!