Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another Lush Haul!

I took a little trip to Leeds's so thought id pop into Lush.
My breath of fresh air wasn't working properly so, I brought it back, which they kindly exchanged and gave me a freebie, which was a cinders ballistic.

Starting from top left;
Sex bomb - I used this tonight, it smells GORGEOUS!
2x Cinder's- I didn't realise the lady gave me a free cinders till the check out so I ended up with two, which is fine by me!
Creamy candy- this smells like sweets! hence the name, cant wait to use this.
Breath of fresh air
Star melts- A Christmas edition, smells gorgeous.
The comforter- I love this bath melt, I have used all of my last so got another. This time they wear larger then normal.
and finally;
Pop in the bath -which is half used, as I had it in the bath last night!

another bath melt to add to my faves!

If you have any lush hauls please link me as I'm wanting to try more with good reviews!
Untill next time.....

Au revoir x


abbzzw said...

nom nom! all looks sooo yummy :D

i'm even more excited to go into lush tomorrow now thanks to you :D :D xx

Lauren ♥ said...

Lol abz! can I come with you...:)

abbzzw said...

please do!!

i wish you could :( xx

Victoria said...

ooh lovely Lush goodies! :) x