Monday, 16 November 2009

My Winter 'In's!'

Decorating my own Christmas tree...
Its the first Christmas in mine, and my boyfriends own house, & I'm so excited to start decorating our house!

Starbucks Hot chocolate.
Lets say Bye bye to Frappachino till next summer.

Christmas adverts..
Like so many people the coca cola advert is my favorite,
(Ever since I was little actually)
once I see this I know its Christmas!


These always keep my feet warm, they are my winter survival!
The Favorites for me this year are these beauties;

Lush Bath's
I always look forward to bath time in the winter, showers are a big no no.
There are some great Christmas products by lush I'm loving
can i get a hell yeah for lush?

Id rather stay in my warm house,then be out in that dreadful coldness, so a hobby i like doing in the winter is reading.
My current book is LA CANDY, which is awesome!
Read it if you haven't already..

Christmas films..
You cant beat the classics!

Shopping at Hamleys...
My hometown is London, I miss London most a Christmas I must say!
Its beautiful, one of my favorite places to shop is Hamleys, there is every toy you could think off, and the lights...well look at them there stunning!
I cant wait to take my daughter, and buy her some pressies!

Late Night Shopping...
No more rushing! The stores are open till late, and late night shopping is so festive for me, I love it.

Here's London's oxford street late at night, the lights are beautiful...

Home made Cookies...
I love baking. Love love love it.
Sooo Christmas time is just an excuse to make even more!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
its a little different from the ins and outs,
I haven't seen anyone do this yet!

Here's who I'm tagging...
(but feel free to do this too!


Juicygirl said...

Great post I love everything huni especially starbucks yummy xmas drinks & I cant be without my uggs either lol, thanks for the tag xoxo

Lu said...

Thanks for tagging me hun :) I still havn't done the last 1 soz! I will be posting a few all at one time. Need to go back through comments and remember who tagged me for what eek! And I will be taking part in your secret santa by the way. Will look at it later. I've been home baking a bit too! Nice warm pies (I'm not very good yet though hehe.) xXx

Peonies and water lilies said...

Great post, and I love everything on your list especially uggs and shopping. Thanks for tagging me x

Perfectly Polished said...

thanks for the tag xxx
nice post making me feel xmasy :)

Lovebeautyxx said...

Agreed with every one of these! :) Christmas is lush, have you started your christmas shopping already? xxx

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks Girls :)

Nope, I havent :(
I havent bought any pressies what so ever.
But I have bought Christmas cards, & Fairy Lights :] x

abbzzw said...

:) loved this post!

it's queued for me to do as soon as :) :) xx

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for tagging me hun! i love this post im so excited about it. christmas is my favorite holiday, i love decorating my house christmassy. it will be our second year for my hubby & i in our own home. london looks amazing

Sylsil said...

Very nice post!! Luv Christmas!!

hannahbabeyxo said...

Such a nice post! Love everything you chose!! XO