Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Battle of the Straightener’s: Remington Shine Therapy vs. GHD Kiss Hot Pink IV Styler

In the pink corner: The GHD'S.

What made me buy them?
The colour to be quite frank, I love pink. These beauties are hot pink and limited edition, so I thought id better grab a pair before it was too late.
I was looking for a new pair of straighteners..and was unsure what to buy, I had been looking at ghds for along time, debating weather to get them or not.
I have had so many straighteners in the past....6 in total.
The pair that i currently had was a basic pair of Remington's, they had a heat controller and was great, but the smells coming form the plates started to put me off, I burnt them with all the hair products i use!
I had my eyes on the babyliss pro 230 radiance, which had some great reviews.
So i was stuck on what to choose, My final decision was this: ghds are a great trust worthy brand, if i buy these, il have them along time,
with the babyliss, I didn't know how long they would last before they broke, and they arnt cheap.
Loads of people i know have ghds, and they've lasted for a good few years.

How much did they cost?
£135 - yeah ALOT! I got a box, three ghd lip glosses a how to DVD and some ghd heat protection with them though.

Where did I buy them?
A hair dressers in my town.

My thoughts?
They are awesome, BUT, after having them a few months Ive realised how bad they are for my hair. They are really hot,which is a big no no.
No matter what heat protection I use, I still think its destroying my hair.
It doesn't have a heat controller, so its set at 200 C I believe, altho somewhere i read its a massive 320 C! Waay to hot.
They would be fab if they had a control temperature.
The final result is great, but I'm thinking of my hair in the long run!

My Final thoughts:

  • They look pretty the colour the style, everything
  • The plates are smooth, making it easier to glide down the hair
  • The on/off switch is inside so your not switching it buy mistake whilst straightening
  • Heats up in just 60 seconds
  • There hard wearing, you know they wont break anytime soon, even if they do your guaranteed

    • The temperature is too hot! they need a temp control
    • They are abit pricey

In the Blue corner: The Remington's

What made me buy them?
Well, if you have read the last paragraph you'd know, the ghds are ruining my hair big time.
I heard some fantastic reviews of these straighteners, so thought id try them out.

How much did they cost & where did I biy them?
I was very lucky and bought them for £40 at Argos, they had a sale that weekend,they normally retail at around £60-70

My thoughts?
I have been using them for about 3 months now.
My hair has felt so much more shiny and soft, I have been setting them to about 190c, as anything lower doesn't really straighten.
It does exactly what it says, adds shine! Thanks to the
Combination of shine enhancing vitamins E and Avocado.
I have finally found the perfect straighteners! Whey!

Final Thoughts:
  • They have temp control
  • Reasonably priced
  • they heat up in 15 seconds- world breaking time right?
  • They have vitamin E and avocodo to add shine to your hair
  • There easy to handle
  • they have a lock, that shuts the plates together when off, perfect for travelling
  • after 60 mins they shut done, safety first people!
  • They make your hair smoooooooth
  • They just do the job brilliantly.
  • They have a 5 year guarantee

  • The control Buttons are in a awkward place, so when styling you tend to make the temperature go up or down, so annoying!
    And that's all I can think of!

    I hope this review helped for those looking for a new straightener!

    Lauren x


Paula said...

OOh i like the look of the remington ive heard loads of good reviews about them too,

I have some GHD's but very rarely use them as they are way too hot xx Great review hun xx

Lovebeautyxx said...

Great review hon, ive been wanting some new straighteners as mine are pink ghds a bit brighter than your ones and there so bad on my hair.
Might check the remington ones out xxx

Paula said...

Hey sweetie i gave you an award xx

abbzzw said...

does that mean the pink ghd's are up for grabs? ;) ahaha

lovely review sweetie :) xx

Rebecca said...

@ Lovebeautyxx. What's wrong for you with the Pink GHD Hair Straighteners? I bought a pair myself a few months ago and feel they're even better on my hair than the old original GHD straighteners I had!