Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Gift From Heather

Hello every bubble :)
Today I'm going to share with you a gift I received, all the way from the USA!!
and it was from the ever so lovely Heather!
We have been speaking for a while on twitter, and she told me how she saw some lovely things as she was shopping that id love, she was ever so nice to send them on to me! :):):)
Please check out her blog, she needs more readers! :)

I'l start with my favorite!

This necklace is gorgeous, Heather knows how much I love Paris.
As Abby does! Do i make it that obvious? :D
This is so stunning in real life, the picture doesn't do it any Justice.
The Eiffel tower sparkles as theres little diamonds inside.
Ive been wearing it alot!

Next up, A Paris shopping bag

How cuteee?!

Inside this pink case ...

Came a awesome mirror!
A PARIS mirror! :)

...Which i love love loveeee!

also some hello kitty stickers and a magnetic frame to pop on the fridge :D
shes knows how much I love hello kitty too.

She also got me a purple glitter eyeliner, by ULTA
I have never tried anything from ulta, so I was excited to use this.
Its amazing!
I've only used it once,but its so pretty on my bottom water line.

& Finally she gave me a beautiful butterfly card, I'm guessing she knows i like butterflies too :)
A big thank you to you heather!
I love receiving things through the post.
I'l be doing a International swap with heather sometime in the summer.
& I also have a swap to do with the lovely Claire!
So lots to look forward to my lovelies! :)
Hope your having a nice day!




Claire said...

Ohh pretty necklace. The bag is so cute and I love the mirror too. All fabby gifts hun and they really suit you. x

jennie said...

Aww what lovely gifts! <3 xo

Anonymous said...

I love all the Paris and Hello Kitty stuff, the mirror is so cute.

vspinkgirlsblog said...

OMG Lauren, This post came out so nice! Thank you so much! You are an absolute doll. I can't wait to link your post to mine!


lenny said...

aww, what thoughtful presents! that necklace is lovely xxx

Emma said...

Wow! That was so lovely of her, the Paris necklace is amazing, something I'd definately buy if it were available here! xx