Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Lush time's! Spring's new products.

New Lush times, new season means new products! Theres 7 (that I can see) in the lush times, not including the new fake tan called 'Charlotte's Island' which I cannot wait to try!
I was so excited to come downstairs to see the times on my floor with a bunch of other boring letters!
I'm doing this post for all you lushoholics that haven't managed to see the lush times yet.
Also this morning my online Lush order came :) so watch out for a haul later!
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, taking pictures from a newspaper isn't easy!

First up we have Grass, which you can see above.
[click to enlarge the pictures]
Grass is a shower gel, its rich in proteins and anti oxidants so can you imagine how healthy this is going to be for your skin?
There was no prices, sorry but il update you.

Next up is something that made me giggle!
'Lovely Jubblies'
Which is a breast cream..:)
This is a 'floral Bobbie firming lotion' which I'm excited and quite amused about :)
when you get the lush times check out the funny picture of the two guys ;D
this scents; Tiger Lilly,Jasmine (which i love) Orange Blossom and Rose. (which i also love) its going to smell de-lish I can tell already!
its abit pricey, 100g= £14.95

Sauna Tabs
Basically to put in the sauna, if anyone uses them?
If not it can be used as a toner, like the toner tabs or
as a room freshener :)
£0.95 per item

Brimstone Body scrub
This is to help promote healthy skin,
it contains sea salt to exfoliate, hemp oil to soften and jasmine lemongrass and ylang ylang for a delicate floral fragrance.

Stepping Stone Foot scrub
A scrub for your feer no doubt, to help shred dead skin.
Theres cocoa butter and jojoba oil to soften without being greasy.
this has the same lemongrass fragrance as you've been mangoed bath melt!

Glorious Mud
A body mask!
Yes a BODY mask, so your face isn't the only part that gets the VIP treatment.
You use this in your bath or shower :)

and lastly....

Lush are bringing out a SOAP BOX.
Its a gift of five palm free hand and body soaps! :)

Hope that's helped your lush addiction :)
Remember my lush haul is coming up so pop back soon!
Have a lush day..



London's-beauty said...

smiles at the foot scrub! :) i might try lush soon, thanks for this post
<3 huong

Laura xo said...

all these products look sooo wonderful! i hope Lush brings them into the US..we don't even have the lip scrubs :/
great post doll!

Lauren said...

Breast cream???!! Hahaha.

Lauren ♥ said...

Oh I hope the US get them, they all look so wonderful, would be a shame if you couldnt get to try them out :(
although you can always try ordering from the uk site :)

Haha yeah lauren!! what will they think of next? LOL

SabraRose said...

Hey, I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you. Go check my post here:
for the details on it! :) x

MaryWhitney said...

Nice posts *-* I love beauty products =) Your blog is lovely i love it , Now im your follower , if you want follow me too =)
Much Love MaryWhitney


*Peonies and lilies* said...

Everything sounds so nice, I want to try them all! x