Monday, 11 July 2011

Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing, striking designs, vibrant colours and and amazing quality and at reasonable prices!

Crew clothing has great pieces in for summer, it would be rude not to have a look for yourself, I have picked out a few of my favorites.

Ladies Short's which includes The Lauren Short's :)
Beautifully soft bed or sun lounger shorts, with a comfortable elasticated waist, and pretty contrast stripe twill tie.

Really Really love these items! Epically the mac jacket, and the first skirt featured.
also take a peep at;
Ladies Shirts



rose petals said...

I love the pink shorts they are so cute perfect for summer :) X

Lauren ♥ said...

@rose petals - I love them too! I can just see myself relaxing in them,in the sun, in my garden :) x

Jana said...

The jacket is cute, I think it would suit me too ;)

Em said...

I love all the striped clothing!