Friday, 17 February 2012

Changes to Paris Boutique

Hey everyone,
After a few months break I have returned to blogging. I decided to have a little break because I felt it was more of a chore then a hobby to post, I lost my blogging mojo if you will ;) the reason why I started my blog in the first place was to have fun writing as this is my hobby. However, I started to miss it around Christmas time, I felt like I wanted a few changes;

New name, this is the most important change to my blog, I have changed the name  from Paris Boutique to Rose Paris, I felt Paris Boutique mislead the meaning of my blog, A boutique is a shop selling fashion and jewelry items, this is my site where I write about anything from life, to reviews to cupcakes, so I decided to change the name. Rose is my middle name and Paris is my surname, I feel its more personal.

Secondly, I have a new blog layout, which I just LOVE, and it's all thanks to Ashleigh over at ASHLLYD
You can find links to certain posts in the side bar, Beauty, Reviews, Fashion etc..
also  if you click tags you will see a page of labels/contents.
I will be blogging more frequently, I have a bunch of posts lined up including a lush haul, my new dressing table and my first MAC order.
A new feature to my blog is the 'baking corner' I absolutely love baking, for everything I make I will share with you all, pictures, recipes and tips.
I think that's about it for the update, I hope you all like the new design :)

Lauren xo


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Looove it :D

Rachael said...

ah I love it! Glad your back x

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you lovelies :) xx

ob27 said...

It's great. I like it very much Mademoiselle Paris! :)

Leona said...

Welcome back Lauren!!xx