Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Little Suprise!

I had a lovely suprise through the door the other day,
at first I thought it was the lush raffle prize, although I did think the box was rather big for one small face mask!
I then opened up the box to find three things and was abit confuseed, picking up big, and not seeing the face mask, I thought maybe this isnt a prize...
Then it hit me! I am taking part in a valentines swap. & this is my pressie :)
which I am chuffed about! the Secret Valentine must have read my blog and saw how much i wanted big!
This is what I got....

Big Shampoo
I have tried Big twice, and im impressed so far, it smells so fresh, and leaves my hair super soft + shiney.

Love Soap
This smells so freakin gooood! Jasmine is the main fragrence, I havent tried it yet, so cant give a full review. Its so pretty :) look at the glitter!

Tisty Tosty
I wanted to buy this last time I was in lush but I forgot >.<
it has real rose petals that float out once dissolved in the water, it is also meant to ease tension and stress, and of course has a lovely rose smell :) Lurveely!

Who ever sent me this THANK YOUUU! I love everything, id love to thank you personally so email me once valentines day is over :)

I will be doing more lush reviews soon as requested!
Hope your all having a fab lazy Sunday!

Lauren xox


Laura Jaye said...

Awhh how lovely <3

Sawah89 said...

Aww thats really sweet :)

Niki said...

Sweet! I cant wait to see what I get!

jennie said...

Lovely! ♥ xo

LOu x said...

Thats so exciting!
i would love to get a lush package through my door! x

*Peonies and lilies* said...

What a lovely package, its so nice to get surprise parcels x

hannahbabeyxo said...

Id love to get this as a pressie! :) XO