Monday, 15 February 2010

My Wish List

Have you noticed I hardly write any make up related posts? this is about to change my lovelies!
When putting all my make up into storage, I realised that I didn't actually have alot compared to most people, and i haven't tried many brands!
Claire (click her name to check out her blog) and I have decided to have a little make up swap! The limit will be around £20 and the aim is to try new make up brands/products we haven't used or bought!
Very exciting!
I'm going to show you my wish list, bare in mind theres quite alot here, it just goes to show how many brands I need to try.
Let's start with Barry M;

Barry M must be my favorite make up brand! Although I haven't got many items? this must change! I love colour, bright pretty stunning colours and barry M is the most colourful name in cosmetics, to me anyway. So here's what I want to try....

Lip Gloss wand:
Bubble gum pink & strawberries and cream

Kohl Pencils-
Metallic cobalt blue
Metallic turquoise

Dazzle dusts, I love these so much! These are what I want to try next...
Electric Blue
Pink/gold (in no 3)
Black purple

Nail paint: Bright Purple

Now to foundation, I want a new nude as I'm getting bored of my maybelline superstay silky foundation!
Here's what I'm thinking of getting....

The body shops Moisture foundation
Collection 2000 Lasting perfection

Next up is lipsticks, which may I add i haven't got on with in the past, I've always been a lip gloss girl, I finally took the plunge and I ordered barry M's 101, I tried it on and It didn't work at all for me. My lips looked so dry and I looked ill! this has scared me to say the least... so no nudes for a while! I do want to get into lipsticks tho, so I'm looking for a pale pink that is very moisturising, and makes my lips feel 'plump' Ive found these two brands...

Maybelline colour sensation in : Amber Rose + Pink Perl
The body shop Colour glide: in either sheer pink or clover pink, I'm excited to try these :)

Concealer: Ive heard good reviews about all three of these, I am in huge need of a new one, as the one i have isn't working!

Gosh touch up concealer
Maybelline Mineral Power
Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on

Bronzer- Now its nearly spring I like to start wearing bronzer, I try and buy a new one every year.

E.L.F Bronzer in warm
17 Instant Glow bronzing powder

I have only one e.l.f studio item, which I lurveee so im eager to try out some more! Here's on top of my list;

E.L.F studio brushes;
I have elf's regular range brushes and I love them, so Its only right to try the studio range! Id like these to start with...
Complexion brush
Kabuki Brush
Eye shadow C brush
Angled foundation brush

I am so excited to try out this next product! I really want it! haha!
E.LF Studio eyeliner and shadow stick
I cant pick which shades id like to try out first! here's the top 3..

I have dyed hair, normally dark brown, my natural hair colour is a mousey brown which is on the verge to ash blonde so as you can imagaine my eyebrows always need a tint as there very light! Which brings me to the next item..
E.L.F studio eyebrow kit in Dark

I need some shampoo for my brushes so this from Elf is perfect!

Gosh eyeliner in black. I need a new black eyeliner, this body shop or barry M is what I'm thinking, Can you recommend anything for me? I need one that can smudge easier and lasts ages!

I have 2 blushers, E.L.F and I cant think of the other one dammit!
I want a new one, I don't know which make yet tho..whats your favorite?

I'm looking for a pale pink, or a peachy natural shade!

The Body Shop Make up: A brand I really want to try!
I love these trip eye shadows from the body shop, I really want one! not sure which colour yet so maybe you can help me pick! also loving the blusher range!

Brand's id like to try more of are;

So I hope you come back to see how my make up collection builds up..
Il be reviewing all my new make up for you so make sure to come back!
Thanks for reading guys + dolls!
This post took me ageees! the longest time consuming blog yet!


Beauty addict :) said...

We have the same taste lol!
Lovely wishlist.



♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

Good choice with the elf stuff hun, I love the eyebrow kit and the brushes, they're fab!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Im having a mini sale, im selling MAC's Creme D'Nude Lipstick for £10

i noticed that you have MAC on your wishlist

leave a comment if your interested x

Bethany Haitch said...

I really want the warm bronzer from ELF too! =) ox

laurenrhiannon said...

Oh my goodness..its going to be expensive :)

I love the smell of the barry m lip gloss wands..but I think I am the opposite to you, definitely a lipstick girl!

i'm a huuuuge fan of the dream satin foundation, its so good for the price, the only thing I can say, is don't go benefit! I got the lightest of foundations...and I was still orange..nightmare! (but still felt the need to use it all as it cost like £25 haha)

I also love the maybelline concealer. I've heard quite mixed on the garnier one.

haha this comment will almost be as long as your post :)

For black eyeliner pencils..I use rimmel or urban decay..both I find are quite super dark if not smudged and don't really budge, never tried much else, hated it.

Blushers are my favourite! They are one thing I do like from benefit, and I love the clinique flowery blushes if you know what I mean for a peachy glow..although the body shop/collection2000 have something very similar for less money



Lauren ♥ said...

Lol Lauren! thanks for the info, il defintly consider what youve said about the foundation! I dont want to look like ive been tango'd! lol

I was thinking of getting the body shop blush, it looks so preedy,

and i didnt even know urban decay did a eyeliner?! I must try this! x

Lauren ♥ said...

Thanks girlies!

The Fashion Teller said...

yay!fab post hun!cant wait to pick out and send your goodies! Xoxo

abbzzw said...

Yay for wanting to try things i'v blogged about :D:D

Your wishlist is great hun there isnt a thing on it i wouldn't like to try!

Great idea you two :) xx

kimber doll said...

Love Gosh, Nars and Mac!!!! Love Mac foundation, it's the absolute best! Love Nars blushes and bronzers, and Gosh lipsticks are super long wearing .. Good luck with all your new goodies.