Wednesday, 10 February 2010

L'OREAL Elvive Full restore 5 Hair Care

I have been meaning to do this review for a while.
I am no longer using these products, Ive moved on to lush hair care.
However I thought id let you all know what I thought about them.
When ever I buy a new shampoo and conditioner I always end up buying the whole range.
Above you will see (from left to right) The leave in conditioner, normal conditioner,shampoo + mask.

I bought this range when my hair needed a huuuge pick me up.
I dyed my hair about 6-7 times in 2009, so can you imagine how damaged it actually was?
it was dead and needed its life back. I was hoping to grow it, but il talk more about that later.
When I went to buy the shampoo and conditioner at the check out the girl told me how i terrible the shampoo and conditioner is, and that it left her hair like straw, she said its very popular lots of girls have purchased them but she didn't think it was "all that"
I didn't know what to say, I just said "oh well every hair is different il give it ago.."
and I'm so happy I did.
It worked fine on my hair, I have stopped straightening my hair for the time being, i thought it needed a little break from the heat.
The shampoo and conditioner certainly revived my hair, I'm not saying its as healthy as Cheryl Cole's hair looks in the advert (altho they are extensions :/)
but it certainly made a difference.
My hair felt softer and shiner then ever.
So i went out and bought the mask, and the leave in conditioner.
I used the mask once a week for 15 Min's. It did wonders for my hair and I'm not just saying it!
Although it worked for my hair, I'm not saying it will work for yours, every hair is different as i said so i don't want anyone wasting there money on the whole range.
If you can buy the smaller versions it would be better!
I thought that's enough restoring, and I've changed back to normal shampoo and conditioner.
well not normal, these lush hair cares are far more special then the average herbal essences!
These are natural shampoos with no chemicals, FRESH! Well hello its lush do they ever sell anything but fresh?
A full review on Big will be soon, plus the shampoo bars and a American cream review!

My hair has been cut since my last FOTD, its shorter, more choppy and more healthy!
a pic will be up soon!
Until then..
have a lovely Wednesday!
Love Lauren


Stephanie said...

Lush's hair care is the best and made my hair have volume and made it alot more healthy! love the post cant wait for your other reviews

Steph xx

streetlighteyes said...

Great review :) I'm looking for another product to give my own hair a pick me up so I'll wait for your Lush review and see how I go ;)

Lauren ♥ said...

One might be coming up today so keep your eye out :)

Anonymous said...

great review <333
follow me aswell?