Monday, 25 January 2010

Skin MD Natural Lotion

Skin MD natural shielding lotion
Face, Hand & Body.

I was contacted by a lovely lady who works for skin MD to review this product.
I had a little look at there website and was excited to see what this lotion actually does!
2 weeks ago I got a lovely package all the way from Beverly hills.
They sent me a full size bottle to review so here it is!

I have been using this lotion for the past 2 weeks
writing down notes on what I thought...
The consistency
I first applied this lotion on to my legs,
The lotion its self is very thin, but you only need a tiny amount, as it spreads quite alot. The first thing I noticed was how quickly it absorbed.
I hate lotions that feel thick on your skin, and that feeling you get of a film being left behind.
It is not greasy at all! In fact the only evidence you get from this being on your skin is how soft you feel afterwards.
The smell
I have to say this smells like baby products!
having a daughter Ive used many lotions etc, this smells very similar to infacare bubble bath if you've ever tried that?!
Its a lovely smell!
Here's what it looks like...

As you can tell from the picture it is a very light cream.
I have found a very good improvement in my skin, in particularly my legs, Ive also used this on my belly.
I'm about to start using it on my face as a night cream,
I may do a before and after type post, to see how well it works on my face.
From the first application i was impressed, I'm not saying this lotion will work miracles, but it will help. It has done for me anyway.
More info on this product
On the bottle MD natural claims:
  • Far more effective than conventional moisturizers
  • Promptly absorbs transforming the outer layer of the skin into a hydrating invisible shield

The Directions & Ingredients (Click to enlarge)

They also gave me some leaflets, which give some great reviews.
and it also gives so much more great information,
The lotion contains natural ingredient's such as aloe Vera & vitamin E.
I have a body shop moisturizer that Ive raved about on here before, which contains vitamin E, its the best for the skin!

The main thing I'm impressed about is the fact it has a anti aging formula,
I'm only 20 but I want to help prevent wrinkles starting from now, I don't think your ever too young to start.
As I said I will be using this lotion my face every night,Il keep you updated on how its goes.
This lotion is very popular for older people, one older lady claims in the leaflet that her wrinkles are not as deep anymore.
You can find out more about this range here:

I am also going to do a give away on this product,
Skin Md have kindly offered me to do a giveaway and they will ship to the winner directly!
So if your happy to try this lotion.... watch this space!!......

Love Lauren x


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Yaaay Giveaway!
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Great review, and look forward to the giveaway :-)


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