Friday, 8 January 2010

I hit the sale's!

I hit the sales last Monday..I thought it was abit late to grab any good bargains but thought id have a browse & I'm so so glad I did!
Ive been unwell over Christmas (poor me!) so was gutted when i couldn't get out on boxing day.

I'm happy with what I got though!

If you have read my previous post, I'm having a storage dilemma.
I remember everyone raving about the Blossom storage set in whsmith.
So thought id have a look if my local had one..
& I came across this cute cupcake range :]

Adorable arnt they? the girl who served me in new look later that day asked what they were when she saw my bags, and she said she was heading to smithy's to get some!
The big draw set cost me £9.99 down from £14.99 as you can see.
then I bought two photo boxes that cost me £2.99 each down from £8.99
I wont be using them as photo boxes tho, Il be putting bits and bobs, like lush bars or nail varnishes in them.
Il keep you updated on what I store in these :)

Next I headed to accessorize... find a lubberly 70% off sale.. woo get in :]
I could have bought so much more, but had to stop myself.
I have a obsession for butterflies, there beautiful and lately I have to have everything i see with butterflies..I bought the necklace above which I think is stunning!
this cost me £3.60, Normal prize: £12

Gorgeous floral printed butterfly ear ring's..
Normal price: £5
Cost me: £1.50

Again Butterfly earrings with Perl stones
Normal price: £6
Cost me: £1.80

Anchor ribbon bracelet
Normal price:£8
Cost me: £2.10

I also have an obsession for anything Paris related, esp the eiffel tower.
As my surname is Paris it means alot to me! I was so happy to see this!
Normal price: £12
Cost me: £3.60

And finally this necklace that I was going to buy months back but always forgetting to.
Another Paris necklace that is just to cute, look at the little bow!
Normal price: £6
Cost me: £1.80
I saved myself some moneys! result ;)

My boyfriend is going to have to drag me away from this shop tomorrow when we go into town, as i know i wont be able to help myself.

I also went into New look and spent £40
and got alot of bargains!
If you want to see the haul from new look let me know, but here's a sneak peek!

What did you get in the sales? Id love to know!


Laura Jaye said...

i'd love to see what you got from new look.

i love their sales. <3 xx

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you showed us what you got from new look, and you also got loads of nice stuff from accesorize :)

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you ladies, expect a new look haul very soon! xx

Lu said...

I love all your PARIS goodies, necklace is cutsie. Was gonna get the cupcake storage too but not too sure yet, might try to get to ikea to see if they do kinda tall storage cuz not much floor/table space. x

Monika said...

Greta haul! Those storage boxes are lovely, I've been meaning to go hunt for some but haven't had the chance.
& wow lots of accessorize bargains. The paris necklace with the black bow is gorgeous. So cute.

Stella said...

I love the storage idea!
I went to Accesorize today but there was the longest queue so i got nada but Im not giving up:)
Im curious about your new look haul!

ohmyskele said...

we have exactly the same storage^^
so ofc i love it!

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you girlies, there will be a new look haul up this week!

@ohmyskele Your video actually inspired me! so thank youu!

Claire said...

I'd love to see what you got from New Look, I love looking at hauls. x

Pyxiee said...

Yes for new look haul! I love clothes posts.
I have got the blossom chest I am torn between getting another (even more so if they are in the sale!) or getting some muji storage!! I've not looked in any shops at sales really, I forgot about accessorize! =( xx

tenxx said...

ahh cupcake boxes!<3 they are amazingggg, i want some now haha.
also love the anchor bracelet. i have a heap of anchor neckaace's and an anchor tattoo

Anonymous said...

OMG Lauren! I Looove those cupcake boxes! They are adorable, wish I had them! And the Paris necklaces are just too cute! You have such great taste!

Rosa Adores... said...

you found some really good bargains in accesorize! i want to go now :)


The Beautifier said...

cute haul! xxoxo

~BeautyBeau~ said...

Wow, great bargains! I especially love the anchor ribbon bracelet...very cute! x x

tenxx said...

hey babydoll, nominated you for a lovely blog award, go checkkk it x

Lauren Loves... said...

Hi Lauren,

Sorry for the delay. Thank you ever so much for giving me your award. It's much appreciated so thanks for taking the time. I've already done that tag though some months ago and I think people will be bored to tears to hear 7 more facts about me. The first 7 weren't that interesting anyway. ha ha
Thanks again though. You picked up some gorgeous stuff in the sales! xxx

Caz said...

You got some lovely things in Accessorize! Some of the things you got were still full price in mine :(
I've tagged you on my blog too :)

peachykeen said...

I love those eiffel tower things! And those boxes are superrrr cute xoxo

peachykeen said...

I've nominated you for an award :) xoxo

Sugar said...

that storage box is soooo cute! I also want something similar to yours but can't find it anywhere :(

Anonymous said...

I got the anchor bracelet in Blue. I love accessorize sales, I have one close enough to kill time in in the 20 minutes before my bus.
Great haul by the way,