Thursday, 21 January 2010

I hit lush...again! Haul& a Lush Hand Massage Tip

Howdy folks :)
I just couldnt keep away for much longer!
after reading all your lovely reviews on some products I was urging to go.
Me having no debit card atm, & my neartest Lush being in leeds (a train ride away)
I was stuck over christmas, due to heavy snow, and not wanting to travel that far!
But today I went.. yay!!

I know some people are being really hesitent to do lush hauls/ reviews anymore because loads of bloggers are doing it, but please dont let it stop you, every review is different, and personally I love reading about them, i dont think theres been one i havent read on my list. I also have followers on here that like my lush reviews and hauls, so here we are! :)
As I suspected, no more chirstmas gift boxes left! & no spend £20 and get a bag free. But as I sat having a hand massage (more about that later) the manager shouted out: If you spend £15 youll get a free gift to pick from a basket :]
so thats better then nowt :)

I was going to get the head shoulders knees and toes set, but changed my mind.
I do want to try BIG its actually on my next lush list..muhaha im planning ahead already >.< items ="">
1. Valentines range- Magic mushroom £2.25
This smells of yummy yummy yummy to me, I cant wait to try it, & its so cute.
"Cast your love spell this valentines day with our bewitching bubble bar, combining our vanillary + yummy yummy scents to create a product no one should be without.

2. A shampoo bar tin - FREE
Buy two solid shampoo bars & get this FREE! so that's what I did :)

3. Godiva solid shampoo + conditioner - £5.50
When I first smelt this I wasn't too pleased, it smelt horrible, but when you give it a good sniff (lol) it smells better, in my opinion. Its got a spicy kind of smell. & looks like it has hundreds of thousands all over it!
Its 2 in 1 which is great!
cant wait to try this.

4. American cream Conditioner 100g - £3.80
"Extra added bonus double strength conditioner. Dress up your messed up hair with a sexy vanilla cocktail whip" Love that <<>

5. Soft Solid shampoo - £4.65
This smells
AMAZING! + its such a gorgeous colour. To me this is the main scent I can smell in the lush shop. Steph recommend me to try the solid shampoos, Ive never really given it thought, but after a good review on her blog ( which you can find here) I thought id see what there like. She got 'hard' which is meant for London water, but up north were meant to have softer tadaaa I popped soft is in my basket.

6. Honey I washed the Kids soap sample *FREE*
I asked for a sample as ive been wanting to try this for a long time. I cant seem to smell it in the shop, due to all the different smells so i asked for a sample, I smelt it when I got home and its lovely!!

7. Massage bar tin - FREE

I bought two massage bars so got this free.

8. Strawberry feels forever massage bar - £5.10
I'm addicted to strawberries, I love to eat them, love there smell, I have various items of strawberry clothing & stationary & even have strawberry socks which may I add im wearing now! LOL.
So I HAD to get this, as i expected the smell is so yummy.
" Melt our strawberry bar in your hands and let the natural butters soften your skin (or someone elses)

9. Heavanilli Massage Bar - £5.10
I was going to get this on my first lush haul, but went for the fairy tale sugar scrub instead.
This smells fantastic, vaninllary me thinks, im kinda bad when describing smells! >.<

10. Christmas edition - Candy Cane bubble bar FREE
This is one of the items i picked from the freebie basket, this has to be one of my favorite lush items, and I'm so glad Ive got another, as they wont be selling anymore till next Christmas :( booo!

11. Yummy Yummy shower gel - FREE
The second of my freebies, It was a toss up between this & strawberry santa which is the shower jelly. I choose this as it smells yummmmy! (of course)

12. The comforter £3.95
The third time Ive purchased this, its just one of them old faithfuls that you have to buy and buy again,IYKWIM? I love it.
" Wraps you in a fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm."

I'm very pleased with what I got =]

A lovely lady gave me a hand massage whilst I was there too, which I believe she made up herself, maybe you'd like to try it.
Il run through with you what she did:

To start off She used Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask which I've fallen in love with, it smells and feels amazing on my hands..

Then she used lemony flutter for my cuticles...

& a Vitamin C toner tab to put over the rubbed in fresh face mask, it sizzled and melted all the away! amazing!

to finish off she moisturized my hands with this, 'Ultra light' moisturizer.

My hands look and feel amazing!
they smell pretty damn good too :)
She gave me the very good idea to use the face mask as for more parts of the body,
3 weeks is a short time to use up the pots so to make sure I don't waste any, I may use catastrophe cosmetic as a hand cream too!

Hope that helps and thanks for reading!

Love Lauren


♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

Wow fab haul hun!! Really wanna try both those massage bars xxx

abbzzw said...

yay! :) so many goodies.. great idea to use the face mask on other areas of the body too.. i have over half of bb seaweed left at the moment.

As for the solid shampoos.. i love them!! Ultimate shine is my regular shampoo but i've started to use godiva on & off and like what it does to my hair :) Would be interesting to see how you get on with it too.. :) xx

Lauren ♥ said...

thanks chloe! il review them soon for you xx

oh abz i wanna try bb seaweed! it was between that and oatafix last time wish i picked bb seaweed.

Oh cant wait to try these!!
il do a review on these too!

Anonymous said...

great haul chick
ur so lucky to get the candy cane bubble bar i cant get it anywhere and really wanted to tr it! and the strawberry massage bar is massive!
could you do a review on the solid soap one u tried it as ive been tempted by these 4 ages


Lauren ♥ said...

thanks hun, uh that sucks, i wish they sold these all year round along with the snow fairy.

Yep I shall do a review once ive used it :]


Lu said...

Wow, what a lovely lady to give you a hand massage!

Fab Lush haul. Some of my trusty faves there including HIWTK, Comforter and American Cream. I've a bit of an obsession with their massage bars too hehe. I've got nearly them all except heavanilli cuz when I smell it in the shops all I can really smell is like a burnt smell so i'm not sure if I'll like it. Let me know what it smells like on skin.

My last Lush haul last week, I went in to get BIG but they'd sold out!!! So I just bought lotsa other STuff instead hehe. Cutie socks too <3 x

Katy Wilko said...

I love lush hauls and reviews too :)
The hand massage/treatment sounds amazing! Will have to hint for one next time I'm in lush haha

Stephanie said...

ooh im so jealous i wana go lush hehe, i want everything you bought hehe xx

BooJenkinson said...

i felt naughty reading about a lush hand massage! haha beauty blogger porn! sounds amazing! i really want to try that face mask out!! i'd love it if you could do a review :) x

Anonymous said...

I love Hauls, especially LUSH ones, dont ever hesitate, I will always enjoy reading them! My favorites are 1, 8, and 9. What does the Magic Mushroom one do?

Caz said...

Super excited to get the little mushroom in the valentines range - its so cute!

Pyxiee said...

I love lush hauls. I have another to write up but have so many things to try I don't know where to start!
I never thought about using a facemask for something else! Thanks hunxx

Lauren ♥ said...

The mushroom is a bubble bar!

I recon all you girlies should ask for a hand massage :]

Rosa Adores... said...

lovely haul! i'm dying to get down to lush to buy some goodies!

i love reading other peoples lush haul posts aswell!


DangerouslyBeauty said...

I need to get myself down to lush :) I love your blog and please do follow me :)xxx

Bethany Haitch said...

I LOVE the socks =) ox

Danigeek said...

wow gonna get myself to lush!! Iv heard theyre gonna bring out some nice lip scrubs :) i want those too xx

sarah xo said...

Ah love everything you! It's so hard not to go in Lush and not spend a fortune! Great haul lovely.