Sunday, 3 January 2010

Soap & Glory: iFoam Body Wash

This is the first of the soap and glory products I have tried.
iFoam ultra creamy body wash has made me even more excited to try the rest of the hat box product's!
I'm going to start the review by saying how much I bloody well love it!
The smell is has a strong scent of oranges & cream and grape fruit i believe.
I didn't use this wash in the shower, I was actually having a lush creamy candy bath.
Thought id try something new and picked this up!
as I applied the wash to my hands it firstly reminded me of some lotion, its so creamy!(& comes out rather fast)
but that's why it works so well.
It can replace your body lotion if you apply it twice.
I began to lather the lotion with my hands on to my arms and was so surprised how much bubbles it created!
After rinsing, I admittedly noticed how soft my skin was.
Completely pleased with this product I must say!
The smell lingered on my skin for a few hours too!

I give this S&G baby a 5/5!


Juicygirl said...

fab review huni i havnt tried this one yet, i love my s&g hat box bargain of the year i reckon x

AbbieAndBrian said...

completely agree :)
i love it!

Katy Wilko said...

I really want to this one! I haven't tried any of the spa range yet, just the pink label one
great review

DaisyBee said...

I got the hatbox too and I love the smell of this its amazing! i'm really enjoying trying out everything from the hatbox - i'd never really tried anything from soap and glory before!xxx

tenxx said...

awwwhh i wish they sold soap & glory in Australia! :( i really want everything haha i've read all the best reviews.
glad you liked it x

Danigeek said...

Hey thanks for this :)
I love soap and glory, have bought a few things from the brand and the smells are delicious!

jennie said...

Great review! I can't wait to try this out xo

Laura Jaye said...

i abolsutely love this too- try it in the shower twith their sudsey puff :) xxx