Monday, 20 September 2010

My christmas WANT!!

I'm already thinking about christmas, Yessss I'm mega early but what the hell I love the build up! who's with me? :)

So....I love shopping for people,but there's things that id like from Santa this year, ahem aka my boyfriend ;)

On top of this list is................PlayStation MOVE!!!

I do love my wii, but this is meant to be a million times better.
take a look at the video HERE

My boyfriend just got the PlayStation 3 slim, the old ps3 we had is broke, but wont cost alot to fix, which means il be having it.:D
Take a look at my boyfriends blog to read more on how to
fix ps3's.

Here's two more games I'm wanting for christmas!!

Little Big Planet 2

I have LBP 1 and I loveeeee it.

The sims 3

I have the sims 3 on pc but playing it on ps3 will be much better, as i loved sims on ps2.

So whats on your wish list?
Let me know!

Playstation 3 for the win :D


Anonymous said...

oh love the christmas build up!!!

dont care how early it is haha

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

You had me sold when I first saw the picture of those remotes...too cute.
I love Christmas...Ive been writing my list since last Dec 26th (not really).

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Sunny & Star said...

I love my play station! Plus the Sims games are amazing. I also love the Kingdom Hearts games.
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Olivia said...

I've started thinking about xmas already too! My boyfriends asked for Little Big Planet 2 off me, I don't mind. Saves me having to think of a present! haha. x

Laura said...

You big kid :-)

I want the wii fit, haven't even got that yet.

amanda lynn? said...

i LOVe little big planet, my friends make fun of me for it so im glad to see someone other than me is a fan

x.abigail said...

Eeek! You've made me excited about Christmas and the joy of picking a new game and playing it together as a family! CHEEESY! But I love it!

Victoria India said...

ooo me and my boyfriend are on major count down to lbp2! Sooo excited!
im now following you btw xo

Anonymous said...

Seems pretty cool!

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