Saturday, 10 July 2010

Alva Natural SkinCare Review

I have a review for you all today,
I was very kindly sent some products to review from a organic skincare company called Alva, I believe there a German company but they have a UK site, which you can find HERE

A few facts about Alva that I have read in there catalog, that may helpful for you.
Alva use natural ingredients, & they do not test on animals, and never will.
Alva use high grade essential oils from controlled organic cultivation
Alva does not use parabens, paraffin,mineral oils or PEG compounds in any of there products.
Alva does not use alcohol as a preservative in products
Alva's commitment to the environment means they purchase there packaging and services regionally wherever possible.

I was asked to pick out some products that Id like to review, I chose; A Duo eyeshadow, Foundation, and a eye cream. Alva also sent me some other samples which I'm very happy with! I have been using these products for about 3 weeks now, as I wanted to give a full review, as always all my reviews are honest and I will not give false opinions just because I have been sent things for free, id just like to get that out the way! So here goes!

Il start with my favorite.I picked this out first, as I've been wanting to try a smokey eye look that actually works, In the past I've always found a black eyeshadow to be too black (if that makes sense)I needed something that shimmered so It wasn't just a black smokey smudge, as it always looks when I attempt it, what we have here is a eye shadow to the left with grey under tones, and a creamy beige to the right.
Now Ive got to give this a honest review....
its SO pigmented, and the colours are just stunning..see below for some swathes..

They just blend so well together, and even tho the black looks very glittery its not that noticeable on the eye, especially when they are combined together, I can now apply the best smokey eye look, its so easy! a bit of primer these to shadows a blending brush and that's it!
I wore a smokey eye for my boyfriends birthday, when we went into town, I'm just regretting I didn't take pictures, but I'm sure there will be some soon.
Yes it may be abit pricey for some, but it is worth it,and I would re purchase.

Fluid Foundation £18.40
I have been after a foundation for a while, i was tempted to get Revlon's photo ready, and also MAC studio fix fluid. I saw this on Alva's site and thought id give it a go, I wasn't actually expecting it to be that good, as the packaging put me off..I know silly, never judge a book by its cover and all that.
The shade I chose....

Number 2, Medium, so what did I think when I tried this on my hand?

wow this is really thick!!
and I wasn't too keen on the smell, it had the make up smell, if that makes sense to know the foundation smell you sometimes get.

right that's the bad stuff out the way!
When I applied it to my face, and started to rub it in, I instantly saw how amazing this product is..
My face was perfect, no blemishes, just a smooth matt complexion. I didn't actually want to apply bronzer as it looked so good, so natural. and really suited my skin tone.
The smell was soon gone when I applied it to my skin as my moisturizer covered it completely, the thickness wasn't a problem either as it covered quite well.
being so thick just means you don't have to apply alot of this to your face.
Again I do not have any pictures of me wearing this, but in upcoming posts of FOTDs I'm sure you'll all get to see how good it is.
This foundation also contains vitamin E. Well recommend product.
The concealer and bronzer looks great, Id love to try them both next.

Sanddorn Skin Oil £4.50

This product has meant to helped many people. weather it be burns, scars or stretch marks, its a miracle oil in a bottle.
this was something the people at Alva sent along with my chosen products,
intensive care for stressed skin, and its just perfect for your hand bag.
The site clams, its good for after sunbathing, not only does it protect your skin, but it helps your tan last longer, I have yet to give this ago, due to Yorkshire being full of rain and no sun, but if you'd like a fall review on this let me know. as i am certainly going to be using this as aftercare for my tanning sessions :)
This skin oil can also be used as a massaging oil and for babies skin, that's how delicate it is.
Now what I have used it for, is my stretch marks, I have some little ones on my tummy from having my daughter, lucky for me there fading quite fast, but I'm hoping this will speed things up.
This is what it looks like on my arm..

its a golden yellow colour, yes, oil i suppose?
once rubbed in it soon fades, and leaves me moisturized.There's hardly any smell to this too. which is good!
I have tested abit on my fake tanned arms and shoulders, and it really does make your tan stand out more.

Sanddorn Eye Cream £18

I asked for a eye cream as I was also on the look out for one, I have the worst dark circle's under my eyes, children=lack of sleep= tired looking mummy!
When I asked for this I didn't read the information, I saw that it was especially for aging skin, so I thought it was more effective for older women.
The lovely person who has been contacting me assured me it was great for my skin too.
and even men.
I have been using this for about 3 weeks and I'm impressed, I do not look as tired, the dark circles are not as 'dark' any more, weather it be to having more sleep or the cream, I love it as a eye cream, its going to help with the anti aging and with the help of the SPF and cupuacu butter I'm certainly going to be using this for a long time.
here's what the Constancy is like on my arm..

I want to also add this product is unscented.
That's the end of my reviews for now..
I am looking forward to trying some other Alva products, I'm sure you'll all be interested in.
I really like the look of the lip glosses and lip sticks!

Take a look at there site for any other information, and I'm sure Alva will be able to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reading!



smilinggreenmom said...

What a thorough and wonderful review! This sounds like a great product and I would love to try some! I only use natural/organic stuff on my skin and often times will just use olive oil as my moisturizer and honey masks. I also take my Vidazorb OPC age defense probiotic and love it. I want to take care of my whole body not just my skin! Thanks for the review :)

Lauren ♥ said...

So glad it's helped, I too like all natural products, thank you xx

smilinggreenmom said...

Hey! Would like to follow you on twitter! I am @smilinggreenmom and I know you protect your tweets, but if you want to follow me - that would be great too :) Either way! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

birminghamlady said...

whoa, I'd like some of their products too! never heard of the brand so far.
on the other hand: my god, you are so pretty :P