Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A review: Jergens cocoa butter

I am often on the look out for a new body moisturizer. I tend to get bored of applying the same scent every day after showering, and get excited to try something new, as sad as that may be ;)
The top factors I look for in a moisturizer is; as mentioned the scent, and something that leaves skin hydrated but doesn't have that horrible sticky film left on your skin, I often shower before bed, and I find it hard to get to sleep if my moisturizer hasn't sunken in.
This deep conditioning moisturizer ticks all the right boxes, the smell is gorgeous, and lasting. Jergens cocoa butter dries almost instantly and most importantly leave my skin super soft and hydrated.
5/5 from me!
You can get Jergens body moisturizers, in most UK supermarkets, boots and superdrug.

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