Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Winter 'In's!'

My last winter in's post was a big hit, it actually one of my most popular posts! So I thought why not do another!
London. London at Christmas time is soo pretty, especially the west end, they go all out on Christmas decorations.

Cozy living rooms. I love snuggling up and watching tv with our pretty decorated living room in the cold winter months :) 

Waiting for Santa.. Have you hung up your stockings yet?

Reading with a nice hot drink. I only tend to read in Autumn/winter.

Snow! Winter means Snow! and snow means..

..building snowmen! :)
Beanies. I have recently gotten into wearing beanies and yes I am in love.

I can't help but count how many decorated houses I can see as I walk home from picking Elise up from school. 

Cozy socks ♥

Hot chocolate. ♥
Over sized cardigans, I go overboard with buying these each winter. There just so damn toasty!

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Lauren x

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Laura said...

such pretty photos! x