Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dear Father Christmas..

So I haven't blogged since the 3rd! (slaps wrist) I was hoping to blog every day in December but life just gets in the way, and I never seem to have a spare moment to actually sit down and get a blog post up. I am going to try and blog as much as possible tho, I will find time, it just wont be every day!
The time is 22:45 my little girl has had her bath and book time and is fast asleep, my boyfriend is at band practice and i'm now waiting for him to come home, I have some me time yay!
Leona, who is also doing blogmas asked what everyone is asking father Christmas for this year.
So I thought i'd show you whats on my list!

Round up:  Make up, New iphone case, Perfume, New note pad, Neom bath oils, Epic Micky 2 for ps3, Books & a hair tool :)

Until next time!

Lauren x


All things bright and beautiful said...

Iv asked for the Lauren Conrad book too :) xx

Leona said...

I imagine blogging when you have a little lady running around the house is a crazy task! Although you do manage to fit baths in at the strangest times, I seem to remember... Haha

I've heard about those bath oils recently and I have never been so gutted to be allergic to anything that makes a bath fun/relaxing because they sound amazing!! I hope you get some and can tell me that they're awesome.

Lauren ♥ said...

I have the first book by Lauren Conrad and I loved it so i'm hoping for this one :)

It is mega crazy, even tho Elise is at nursery for 3 hours, in that time I can just about have lunch tidy the house and then its back to school to pick her up! haha yes I love my late night baths.

I have had the full size Neom bath oil in lemon and fresh basil and I loved it! I have quite sensitive skin but found it sooo soothing on my skin, theres no harsh bubbles!