Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lush haul! New Easter and Mothers day range

I was unwell for a few days and my ever so lovely boyfriend said I could cheer myself up by getting some lush goodies! (best boyfriend ever)
I was eager to try the new delightful s out. The Easter range and mothers day range!
Being a mummy myself I received the flower last year that came on the stick which isn't sold at lush anymore. I thought it was way to pretty however and never used it, it sat on my shelf for ages. That never happens with lush products with me! Anyway to what I got..
 The carrot bubble bar
How cute is this! Lush has brought us a sparkly new product for Easter 2012.
When I first saw the carrot on the website I bagged it straight away. The cuteness sold me!
The scent is a blackcurranty,lemon and bergamot, very tropically!
The carrot can be used again, you just swish around your water until your satisfied with the amount of bubbles!

 Fluffy egg bath bomb
Another Easter product! I bought this for my mum back in 2010 and regretted not buying for myself! This is such a sweet smelling product. The scent comes from candy fluff dusting powder. 
 Tulip bubble bar
A new mothers day product, a re-usable bubble bar on a stick!
For this wand the scents used are chocolate orange (yum)Yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon fragrance. A upli
fting treat!

Plant the label full of seeds to grow your only flowers! exciting!
Madame butterfly re-usable bubble barAnother newbie for mothers day!
The magic wand at chrismas was so popular lush have brought out TWO wands for mothers day! hurrah!
This is the one product I have used, and the smell is so light but lovely, leaving my bath water a very light rose pink. The scent is the same as rose jam bubbleroon.
I have put a video up on youtube of me using the wand for the first time which you can see below. I used mine for a minute and yet i still have a lot left!

Magic mushroom bubble bar
I was surprised to still see this on the site so added one to basket in case they sell out soon.
Its a valentines favourite of mine, even tho the smell isn't that strong, i would love to smell the strawberries more!

If you would like further reviews or videos demoing any of the products be sure to let me know! :)



ahhh everything looks so cute! i especially love the carrot, might have to go and get myself one :)


howwww cute is every single bit of these ranges :) definitely going to have to get one of the little carrots!

Lauren ♥ said...

Yes go get one! I may buy another just to keep one on show. Too cute to use!