Monday, 12 March 2012

Instagram #1

I have had an iphone for about a month now, and i'm loving instagram! I know alot of bloggers do weekly photos, and I was thinking of doing that, but so far have failed taking photos of certain parts of my day and even a day all together, so here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks that I have taken, i may do these posts every so often (: add me if you like! laurenrose182
1. My new kitten puss in boots. 2. Addicted to those bunnies
3. My new David and Goliath hoodie. 4. Nesquik hot chocolate?! Just had to get it!

5. Daisy picking in the sunshine.  6.Pink skinny's and converse!
7.Lush! my little lush corner on my dressing table. 8. My awesome phone case!


Miss LV said...

Aww love the kitty picture xxx

Temporary:Secretary said...

Kitten is so adorable! <3

x.abigail said...

Awww puss in boots is super cute! x