Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My First Photo shoot....

Hi lovelies!
I Wanted to share with you all, My day at my first ever photo shoot!
Ive decided to take you all along
with me on this journey..what its like trying to make it into the modeling industry. Its not at all easy!

Theres so many girls and guys out there who are trying to get there face out there. You have to stand out from the rest..and not only do you have to have the looks, you have to have the right attitude. Thinking "oh I'm good looking and have a great body, il get far" wont get you far at all in the real world. You
have to be 100% serious about what your letting yourself in for, and your personality has to come through on the photos. As I found out its hard trying to achieve the right poses and trying to look relaxed, it takes time and 100% effort to get the right shot. A photographer could shoot a qualified model all day to find that one 'perfect' image for what there looking for, & believe me -Its tiring!
I'm hoping to get my face out there, and into the fashion industry,
my absolute dream would to be on a magazine cover, but i know it will take a LOT of determination, I'm willing to give it my all. My first shoot wasn't as easy as i thought it would be, I look on TV at models at photo shoots and think HA that's easy, well its not...I just know in time I will become more relaxed and as time goes on shoot after shoot il get better. :)
Now on to my day at the shoot!
I had a great make up artist, who got my looks just h
ow I was hoping.
and the photographer Dave Spink was awesome. He made me feel really relaxed, and helped me get the poses just right, what i liked about Dave was he was just as determined as me to get a great shot.
The first set of pictures was taken in the woods, for the Alice in wonderland look. Dave very kindly hired out an Alice dress. We took a few shots near the river. I wish I didn't look so miserable in all of them! But I love
d the ones he had edited.
When we got back to Dave's studio, I had my make up done and got into all my different outfits. I wanted to go for the rock chick look and here's how a couple came out....

Then I changed into a white dress, not something Id wear out on a normal day, but I love it for my portfolio!
The image below is actually one of my favorites!
Along with this one....

and this pose too :)
I wish I had taken more like this..
A more up close pose, and I actually prefer my fringe to the side, but theres always next time :) The image below is another favorite, I'm thinking of having this for the Calender, which il be talking about in a moment.

And I just LOVE this one, its so creative.

I should add, Dave edited all the photos that I liked.
Over all I enjoyed my first photo shoot!
As I said, next time I should be more relaxed.
Theres a few things id like to change for my next shoot, like I wont wear any fake lashes, My hair will be different, like curly, no fringe, and by the time of my next shoot it should be longer.
Il go for new clothes, and try new poses.
I'll defiantly have my next photo shoot with Dave..
He may be the only photographer I've tried, but i was so happy with what he achieved with me.
I'l hopefully get a few more poses right this time too.
If you live in or around Yorkshire check out Dave's website;
& Facebook Page

and one last thing, The whole reason why I had this photo shoot, is because I came second in the Yorkshire model competition!
I will appear the 2011 Yorkshire calender as "Miss September", which is very exciting, check out the site here:

If you live in Yorkshire, why not enter?!

Thanks for reading :)
Lauren x


Fern said...

the 3rd photo is amazing! You look stunning in all of them :) x

Becky said...

Great pics!
You look gorgeous (^_^)

Bows and Butterflies said...

Great photos you look lovely :)
Its cherryblossom7789 or sawah1989 off twitter ive started a new blog up :)

Lauren ♥ said...

Awe thanks girlies, as always means alot to me <3 x

Anonymous said...

Love the picture at the end where you're wearing a headband, so cute! x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Great photos, fingers crossed you get to where you want to be!

The Fashion Teller said...

All gorge huni! You are so pretty you lucky thing!

Congrats and well done on the shoot! xxx

Lauren ♥ said...

Thank you ladies! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

The photos are gorgeous! :) x x

Monika said...

You look absolutley stunning! There all great but I love the guitar pics and the ones you said are your fave!