Monday, 16 August 2010

Eyeko and the charming girl....

Hey Everyone!

I'm starting toady's post with something I won on a twitter competition a few weeks back,
its a stunning gold look elephant necklace, from This charming Girl..
I really do think you should check them out, there amazing!
Everythings handmade & vintage.
Now onto Eyeko!!
I was kindly sent some things to review about 2 months ago.
I might be the last person to write this up & You've seen loads of these posts but hey!
I've been busy! but now im back to blogging :)
So this is what eyeko sent me...

3 nail polishes and a graffiti eyeliner pen..
These nail polishes are from there new range.
The first nail paint which you can see on the far left is 'Coral polish' altho it looks quite red on camera, its more orangery in real life.
the second nail polish which you can see below on the left is 'vampira polish'
not something I would wear on a every day basis but great for Halloween!
this is black with red glitter.
Last but not least my favorite one of the three.. 'Tea rose'
I have never seen a nail paint like this, its such a pretty unique pink!
I just love it!
My verdict on the polishes...
id give them a 4/5.They chipped after a couple of days where as my other polishes i use last about a week with a top coat..
the application was quite good,no streaks, all three needed second coats, however I felt coral and vampira could have done with a third.

Graffiti eyeliner.
Eyeko sent me this in navy, I normally go for a black eyeliner but still, I love this,
I found applying this was alot easier then any other eyeliner I've ever used,
as you can see from the picture above its like a felt tip pen, so your just drawing this onto your eye, you can judge how thick you want it, where as other eyeliners do what they want and i always end up with a thicker line then what I wanted!
I give this a 5/5
I'm going to order this in black though :)
Here's the eyeko website:
and don't forget to enter my ambassador code if your wanting to buy anything!
You will get a free gift :)

.....Lauren x


Shannon ♥ said...

Love the necklace, it's gorgeous.

abbzzw said...

love love loveeee the necklace! :D and it's good to hear you're back hunni! :) xx

LadyBugSays ... said...

That necklace is stunning!

QuiteQuaint said...

the necklace is gorgeous.
i love the nail polish too, lovely pink colour. those eyeliner pens are so good, im useless with normal liquid eyeliner! x