Sunday, 4 November 2012

Unboxing: Pixie footwear The Lucy Boot!

Winter is a upon us and if you live in the UK, chances are you've already gotten your winter warmers out, big coats, hats, gloves the lot!
I have been on the search for some new winter boots for a while, and would like to share these beauties.

I love the UGG style however they are just not practical in all weathers.
I was very lucky to be introduced to a brand, Pixie footwear.
After having a browse of the new season arrivals I decided that I just had to have a pair!
I chose the Lucy boot, each boot has its own girls name. Lucy is actually one of my favorite girls names (along with Elise) but I didn't choose the boots just because of the name, I love the style, the buckles, the fur, and the colour which I chose, grey.
You can also get the Lucy boot in colours; Black, Camel and chocolate. I picked Grey because I thought it would more wearable for me personally. (I was very close to getting black)

You can wear these with just about anything, I have worn them with leggings, jeans, a big coat and jumpers etc. I am planning on doing a few OOTD's with these boots just to show you all what there like on and how they really do go with any autumn/winter outfit.

They are super comfy and most importantly there practical! in all weathers. I have a little girl who has just started nursery and every school run it seems to be raining. So far they have survived the muddy puddles and kept my feet toasty warm and dry, now I am just waiting for the snow! ;)
When I had ugg boots they would just get drenched in the rain and my feet would end up wet.

There are plenty of other styles to choose from, if your interested in these boots or would just like a browse the website is:


.x.Sarah.x. said...

These look lovely! I bet they're very cosy too :) xx

Lauren ♥ said...

They are very cosy! :)

cheap shopping in US said...

Great find! :)