Sunday, 8 April 2012


1. Lush bath 2. Pretty nails
3. Hot chocolate 4.Yet another lush bath.

1. Mothers day cupcakes 2.Bambi sweater
 3.Liz earl skincare 4.My daughters first converse!

1.Blue skies 2. Water fights in our garden 3. My cuddly kitten

1. Snow?! 2.My fave Easter treats <3
3. Easter cookie 4. Easter egg hunt!

1.My 100000th Mcfly concert :D 2. Mothers day meal out 3. My princess with my mothers day gift! <3

I watched one direction on iCarly and noticed Carly wearing the same t shirt as me (:why did this get me so excited? ima geek!

I hope your all having a fabulous Easter weekend!
Hoppy Easter!


Leona said...

I always get to jealous when I see your lush baths because I can't have one :( I'm allergic to bubble baths and stuff! *cries* x

Rachel said...

Those mini Malteaser bunnies are so yummy and adorable, right?!

Lauren ♥ said...

@ Leona, aw that sucks! I love my lush baths :(

Too right Rachel! I need to stock up before they take them off the shelves!

Anonymous said...

Hi I only just came across your blog and I have a question to ask, are you 19 ?

Lauren ♥ said...

I'm 22

DEMI said...

likeeeeee your blog!! :):)
keep posting girl and go for it!


Lauren ♥ said...

aw thank you demi :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo! what OPI polish is that? it looks amazing! x

Petit Chatons said...

Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

Laura x
Petit Chatons