Monday, 12 September 2011

Lush and Primark

So for my birthday, I decided I wanted to go to Leeds and do a abit of shopping. :) I had my boyfriend with me, and he was ever so good, spending ages in shops without moaning! I hit H&M, Topshop, New look, Lush and Primark. I find it ever so hard to photograph clothes and make them look nice just laying on my bed. So I will show you what I bought in future outfit posts if you like. Let me know. I will buy a tripod just for the outfits too! Here are the non clothing pieces I bought on my birthday. :)

- Skull necklace
- Lip balm
- the cutest earrings, Usually, I stay clear of gold jewellery, but these earrings are adorable and not too OTT.

I was very good in Lush, normally I spend a fortune!
-Pop in the bath bubble bar, this is the prettiest one I have bought!

I decided to buy two luxury bath melts since it was my birthday ;) I went for two I wouldn't normally go for.
-Ceridwens Cauldron
-Dream time

I am very excited to try these! The Ceridwens Cauldron retails at £3.99, you can only use it the once. I read in the reviews that it would be a great birthday treat so I thought I would treat myself! :) I have more birthday money left over, of which I'm buying some keep sake jewellery, and other bits I have my eye on, I will share with you all of course! :)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Lauren x


.x.Sarah.x. said...

Great buys :)

I love going into Lush...I can quite easily spend a fortune in there myself!


Temporary:Secretary said...

This makes me want to go to Lush this week and buy myself something! Love your new purchases x