Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer Clothes Haul

Hey everyone.
It seems like forever ago I wrote a haul post! The main reason being my camera died and I had to find a replacement, I was considering a SLR, but then decided to go with a digital again until I get enough money to get a brilliant kick - ass SLR.

As summer is nearly here, I have been slowly building up my wardrobe with pretty dresses skirts and shorts. :) I went to London last month and I had a nice big spend up, I will show you some of things I bought from there plus a couple of online orders.

Topshop high waist hot pants.
Near where I live (in London) is an amazing market which mainly sells clothes, the latest fashion by brands like topshop,Zara,new look, asos, all saints etc
at cheap prices.
I got these topshop shorts for £10. in the shops they would have cost me £35.

I love the detailing on the buttons.

Playsuit brand unknown £10
This playsuit is just so pretty. The colours are so bright and cheerful this came in a orange and pink design too, which I was tempted to get.

Topshop Heart Garland Ruffle Dress - £10
How gorgeous! this dress is very sheer so il have to find something to go underneath, the material is so lovely and lightweight there is a silk underlay too.
This is from topshop the tag has been ripped slightly as the stall owners have to do so, but I saw the dress on the display which had the un touched tag in, its defiantly from topshop and the price tag had £50 on it! £40 off = bargain!
Had to edit this - just found the link to the dress online click here it cost £100 from topshop USA!

New look dress - £10
This dress was the first purchase of the day, as soon as I arrived at the market It caught my eye and I ran over. I was very tempted to get the other colours too which is a more nude and pink. The price tag read £25 and I got it for £10!
Boohoo sandals
I got these a while back in the sale for around £5 on, I love the studs! I have yet to wear these.

Republic dress £10
I got this pretty dress in the republic sale, I think its last years stock,this is a strapless dress those are just the hanger ribbons :P
I'm waiting for warmer weather to wear this, I am going London again so may take it with me.

Thanks for reading, If you have any questions just ask me, and I hope to put the rest of my recent hauls up soon!
Have a great weekend!
Lauren x


Raffles Bizarre said...

Great buys :D So summery! I think the heart garland dress is my favourite, absolutely stunning!

amburrrrrrr said...

reallly cute dresses:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go and buy a new summer wardrobe!
great post x

jane said...

Wow, your topshop shorts look amazing ;)))
Nice purchase!

"couture, ma cherie" said...

I love that New Look print! Those butterflys are lovely for summer x