Saturday, 9 October 2010

My winter wants for 2010

It's the time of the year where you clear out your wardrobe of maxi dresses and shorts to make way for jumpers and cardigans. Goodbye summer, hello autumn and winter!
I have put together a few items I'm wanting this year. Every year I buy a new coat/jacket, along with a new scarf and gloves.

Knee high socks
This is a new fashion trend, and I must admit I'm loving it.
As seen above pixie is rocking those socks! it gives the outfit a cute girlie edge.
It may be cold, so its better to cover up with a jumper dress that sits just above the knees to keep you snug and warm.

Floral wellies
Snow in the north is quite deep and lasts for a few weeks, so wellies is a major must have.
I like any floral designs.

Republic bat wing jumper
I'm really loving bat wing top's and Jumpers at the moment. This knitted jumper looks perfect for summer and would team up with a pair of military boots that I'm in the middle of purchasing

Boohoo boots
Every year I purchase a new pair of 'fake uggs' if that's what you like to call them, I do not have the money to splurge out on a real pair, even tho I would love to. These boohoo boots have a fur edge, which I have never bought, but thinking of doing so this year.

Boohoo knitted Cardigan
Any knitted cardigan is a must have winter want for me, I prefer grey to most colours, this boo hoo cardigan is perfect, I love the buttons and collar.

Boohoo military style jacket
I'm on the search for my 2010 winter jacket, I'm thinking of going military, if I do, this is the style I'm after.

Topshop jumper dress
I love love love jumper dresses, especially this one from topshop, Ive been after a 'Love' slogan jumper dress for a while, this paired with knee high socks and military boots makes a great outfit.

Topshop snood
Snood's are more popular then regular scarfs recently, I love them. You just pop them over your head and your good to go! this is my favorite winter want.

New look mittens
I'm loving mittens, they just look so cute, of course I will own a pair of gloves this year but I must get these! Cream or grey? decisions decisions!

New look beanie hat
How pretty is this hat? I'm thinking of getting a cream coat to go with this, its just adorable, I love beanie hats. Yorkshire is incredibly cold, I'm used to London weather which is slightly warmer, as it is a city and not so open. So a hat is essential

Republic knitted jumper dress
Finally another jumper dress, yes I'm obsessed with them, but they go perfectly with black leggings or even jeggings.
A plain jumper dress like this with a few accessories, ugg style boots, is a great combination.

So there we have just some of my winter wants, I need to go shopping soon, as it is so cold!
I will show you all what I have purchased.
What is your must have winter item for 2010?
Let me know!

Lauren x

2 comments: said...

Love your choices, i just got a coat like that one but in khaki from new look :).

My winter must haves are always thick cardigans and tights <3

Sherrie said...

Hiya :) thought i would say Hello im new follower.
Great post, I popped into my local H&M the other day and saw this lovely chunky snood and think i will have to pop back and pick it up. I think this will be my must have A/W item x